ABOUT Storage Solutions


AMSMC was incorporated in 1989 to operate the facilities owned by Thomas R. Swanson and East Valley Storage Solutions Partnership. Since that time, the company has taken on a number of owned, third-party managed clients and affiliate management contracts.

Operating under the trade name of STORAGE SOLUTIONS, today the company has under its banner over 1.8 million square feet of rentable storage space and ranks 26th in the US on square footage managed.


The mission of STORAGE SOLUTIONS is to develop, own, and manage state-of-the-art self-service storage facilities within Arizona and throughout the Southwestern states; to generate sustained profitability and long-term equity growth, while operating by the highest standards of integrity and business ethics. We are committed to the following concepts:

  • Delivering superior value and service to our customers
  • Achieving planned growth through strong, results-oriented management
  • Attracting and retaining a highly motivated and innovative team of professionals while creating a balanced, healthful and enjoyable work environment.


Our company philosophy is simple: "The Customer Comes First." This is to be reflected in every STORAGE SOLUTIONS facility. We can never forget that the customer is the most important person to us.

Our purpose is to establish a professional image with an identity that will be consistent from one facility to another. The image that we are striving to convey to our customers is one of quality service, quality construction and professional management, all at a good value.

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