Document Storage Overview

No matter if you are a business or an individual, and you have documents that you wish to store, you should take special care in where and how these records are saved. You will want to take special care when storing personal or business documents. You will want to protect your documents from fire, humidity, dust and dirt. Storing in a clean dry place is imperative, moisture will ruin documents quickly. It only take a little humidity to cause documents to mildew if they are not stored properly.   

Document storage and retreival companies can be expensive and they are not always reliable.  Considering a self storage facility will allow you to have more control over your stored documents and make retrieval of those documents for your business or household easier. So what should you look for when considering a public storage facility to store your documents and make extra space?

  • Consider features like lighting, cameras, fencing, management that live on the property and easily manuverable aisles for driving a truck around the facility.
  • You will want to find a public storage location near you so that delivery and retrieval are easier.
  • Find a facility that offers air conditioned self storage. 
  • Storage at a storage facility that uses a pest control service. Tour the facility and check for cleanliness, weed abatement and foundation cracks that might allow moisture into your storage space.
  • Be sure the access hours will accomodate your schedule to deliver or retrieve stored documents.
  • Ask if the storage facility provides shelving or if you can bring you own shelving in to store your documents.