Decluttering: Store or Keep?

There are a lot of reasons that you may need to declutter your home.  You may be considering a renovation or redecorating your home.  You may be planning on selling your home and want to stage it so it shows well.  No matter the reason you may just have too much stuff that you have accumulated over the years.  A self storage unit may be the solutions to your storage needs.  What will you put in your public storage units? That's the hard part, deciding what to keep in the house and what to store to create extra space and declutter.


  • Clothes that are in season and you wear regularly.
  • Items that are regularly used such as dishes, towels, bedding and silverware.
  • Furniture that is used consistently.
  • Keep pictures and wall hangings that will enhance the dĂ©cor.
  • Children's toys that are played with all the time.
  • If you have college students you will want to keep their personal items so they feel welcome when they visit.  
  • Show off collectors’ items or art pieces in a display cabinet.
  • Keep often used sporting goods such as bicyclies, yoga mats, etc.
  • Keep tools that will come in handy around the house.


  • Store seasonal clothing and footwear.
  • Store items that are seldom used and take up cabinet space such as extra pots, pans, dishes, etc.
  • Storage any furniture that does not get a alot of use.
  • Store art pieces or pictures that do not fit the current decor scheme.
  • Store children's toys that do not get played with often. Ask your child to help with the decision.  You can rotate the stored toys every now and then to give a variety to your child.
  • Store excess sporting goods items that may be in the garage or closet in a guest room.
  • Store excess patio furniture that is not being used.
  • Store decorative items that may not be using with your current decorations.
  • Store holiday decorations that are only used on a seasonal basis.
  • Store excess craft items until you plan to use them.
  • You are the one that best knows what you will need and what you can place in storage no matter what you store. If you are using boxes be sure to label the contents so you find items when you need to retrive them.