Storage Insurance

It is recommended that you insure your items you intend to store. Storage Solutions requires it as a material condition of the lease. You may wish to contact your homeowners or renters insurance agent to determine if that coverage extends to items stored at a self storage facility.  You may submit proof of your policy at the time you rent your storage space.  If you do not have home owners or renter's insurance, or if it does not cover off-site storage, Storage Solutions can offer you Storage Assurance Property Protection which provides either $2,500 or $5,000 in coverage for $12 or $18 per month, respectively for named peril coverage. The protection plan does not have a deductible nor considers depreciation.  

How to determine if you will need to purchase coverage? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Under my current insurance policy will my items be covered? Are vehicles and boats covered? Are household items covered?
  • What does the self storage property protection plan offered at the facility cover?
  • Will your items be covered in the event of a natural disaster?
  • Be sure to keep a detailed list of what is stored in your self storage space and the value.
  • Read the lease carefully as some items of high value or sentimental value may not be able to be stored in the storage space.