College Lifestyle: What to Store

If you have accumulated a lot of things during your years in college it may be time to consider using a Storage Solution facility to create some extra space in your dorm room or apartment. When spring semester comes around you may wish to store all your winter items so that you can free up that extra space you need.  Regardless, Self Storage can help to alleviate clutter and help to keep you organized creating a less stressful environment that you can concentrate on your studies. 

Decluttering your college home can make your days there much more enjoyable and helps to maintain a more organized environment condusive to studying.  There will always be items that are important to you but are not used very often.  Keeping them around for only when you want to use them.  Locate a Storage Solution facility that is a convenient distance from your college home will be important to how far you will have to travel to retrieve these items when you want to use them. 

First, plan out what you need and ask yourself the following questions:

  • What items do you need to store?
  • When do you need to free up that extra space?
  • How long do you need it, will you be studying abroad or just need storage for a semester?
  • How important is it to have air conditioned storage or is it not important at all?

Leasing a self storage unit near campus may open up some beneficial options, as illustrated below:

  • Think of self storage as an extension of your college home.  Your items are just a short distance from campus.
  • You can use public storage units to rotate seasonal clothing during the school year as seasons change.
  • If the public storage facility is close enough to campus, you could even access it during your breaks.
  • Once you have a public storage unit you can take other items anytime you need to store them for extra space.
  • You may wish to store your old text books in a public storage facility before you get ready to sell them.

If you decide to rent a self storage unit, there are some things you should keep in mind:

  • Public Storage facilities that are near and around your campus may get booked fast as summer approaches, so be sure to reserve a unit well in advance.
  • Wash clothes and blankets prior to placing them in the public storage facility.
  • When renting your extra space at a public storage facility try to rent one slightly larger than you need so you can keep space around stacks of boxes and can create aisles to the back of the unit to get to all your things.
  • Remember storing electronics like a television or video game system will require an air conditioned unit.  Electronic components can be susceptible to heat, dust and dirt.


For further information read all about the basics of college storage in our student storage guide. If you want even more information you can read our comprehensive self-storage guide!