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Carson City, NV Self Storage Units

Storage Units in Carson City, NV

Carson City, like most of Nevada, is a place that can get very hot, very cold and very humid, which makes for interesting weather but is bad news for those planning on using a Carson City self storage facility. Storage Solutions offer indoor units, in addition to traditional drive-up units, making us the ideal choice for storing valuables and items prone to damage. 

Keeping Your Belongings Safe: Temperature and Humidity Control in Carson City Storage Units

Items that are stored long-term in storage units are exposed to incredibly diverse temperatures and humidity ranges. Many items, particularly those that are designed for rough use like hardware tools are fine in these types of changes and don't get damaged. However, most fragile or valuable items can get damaged by temperature and humidity quite easily. For instance, wood can absorb a lot of water and start warping while dry and hot conditions can cause the wood to lose its luster and become fragile and flaky. Most collectibles, such as stamps, coins, and books are sensitive to humidity because paper products absorb water quite easily, leading to water damage. Coins exposed to humid air oxidize which can lead to them rusting away completely. Even items such as electronics can be affected. Carson City storage units, particularly those on the outside are exposed to the harsh desert sun and can heat up to temperatures that can even melt plastic! 

Storage Solutions Carson City 

Choosing the right type of storage depends quite heavily on what needs to be stored. Other considerations include the length of time items are going to be stored and how often the items need to be accessed. If you're storing seasonal decorations, hardware tools and other products designed for rough use, a drive-in unit may be perfect. Consider reserving a storage unit in Carson City today!